Our Features: International Perspectives & Cross-Domain Innovation & Leadership

NYCU Biomedical EMBA works closely with the College of Management to provide students with a platform for knowledge, friendship, career, and wealth streams. It is the most professional biotechnology and medical business management leadership training program in Taiwan, combining domestic and foreign teachers and leaders in politics, business and law to teach students practical techniques that will help students expand their biotechnology and medical horizons. 

This program is an organized learning program with cross-domain and international feature of the curriculum, allowing students to learn through case studies and group discussions with members thinking from different backgrounds. The program is designed to enable students to become innovative biotech businesses. Participants are expected to become elite leaders in the biotechnology industry with a vision of innovation and research and development in the biomedical industry. By combining the faculty and resources of various universities, we hope to become the cradle for the cultivation of top international biotechnology and medical leaders across the country! 

The purpose of the EMBA is to provide a platform for learning the forward-looking needs of the medical industry and cultivating the ability to invest in biotechnology-related businesses, with the hope of cultivating high-level managers and leaders for Taiwan's biomedical industry. Therefore, over the past few years, we have been inviting elite faculty members from various universities in Taiwan and abroad, hoping to provide the highest level of training programs for senior biomedical managers. We also invite successful professionals from various political, legal, and business sectors to share their practical experiences, hoping that the students will become the mainstay of leading and supporting the development of Taiwan's biomedical industry after graduation, leading Taiwan's biomedical industry to the world and creating another economic miracle in Taiwan.